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We guarantee a flawless preparation to all of our students as they benefit from their unique experience with UvanU International and enjoy everything that Vancouver, Canada has to offer.


We ensure that our service is SECURE, our fee is ECONOMICAL, and our staff is FRIENDLY!

To Communicate!

We have been growing as a global company alongside our international students for the past 13 years. Sharing valuable information and guiding our students down the right path has been our company’s main objective. It is important that we continue to communicate with our students every step of the way, listening to their problems and answering them with care.

To Support!

We support our students while studying abroad and working in internships or employed. It is important that we continue to support our students in all of these fields, and we are constantly looking for new ways to assist them.

To Impact!

With #EFC Education Fair Canada, Annual Bowling Tournament Event, U-Café and bi-weekly CBM Education Magazines, we will continue striving to positively impact our community.