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Job AD

We are looking for a Full Time Brazilian Consultant Assistant from Feb 1, 2015.

please see the job description below and follow our instruction for submission.

Thanks for your interest in advance!


UVANU International Global Marketing Team – Brazilian Consultant Assistant

UVANU International is an educational consulting agency based in Vancouver, Canada that has been operating since 2002 in search of solutions to our clients’ necessities, searching for not only English as Second Language (ESL) schools, but also vocational career training colleges & universities.

Our main goal is to create a smooth transition for clients as they seek out various opportunities in Canada. Our company acts as an information centre regarding education, living necessities (home stay, public transportation, health insurance, library & bank info, entertainment etc) and other important subject matters such as visa extension, job placement and immigration.

The duties of this position include:

1. Developing strategies by using social media to attract target market and expand the market in order to achieve and/or exceed the expected revenue
2. Providing consultation and seeking for appropriate courses according to students’ needs
3. Providing orientation about visas under supervision of immigration consultant and general information about Canada
4. Creating marketing tools and updating UVANU’s social network (Website Blog, Facebook) on a regular basis
5. Facilitating best practices for conducting admission and registration of clients and maintenance of student records by using Edvisor
6. Developing and maintaining relationships with school marketers as well as partner agencies, Club ESL, Springboard, Tax Service, Immigration Consultant, CBM Magazine, Insurance etc
7. Planning and/or organizing, initiating events, activities for students
8. Following up with past/current students
9. Conducting administrative functions
10. Maintaining financial records related to students’ registrations
11. Training new staff and interns
12. Directing UvanU office’s physical maintenance
13. Reporting to Global Marketing Team Manager

Essential Qualifications

1. University degree or
2. Equivalent qualification
3. ESL student experience
4. Holder of Co-op work permit (more than 9 months) or
5. Holder of Post Graduate Work Permit (PGWP)”


1. ESL student experience
2. Administrative experience involving the management/supervision of staff
3. Knowledge and experience of customer service and consultation”

Skills & Knowledge

1. Ability to fully utilize Windows based software applications – Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), spreadsheet and database
2. Ability to communicate well orally and in writing
3. Good interpersonal skills and effective team player
4. Must be fluent in English and Portuguese
5. Other language skills (Spanish etc) considered an asset”

Personal Qualities

1. Ability to work to tight deadlines and changing priorities
2. Commitment to equal opportunities
3. Ability to work on own initiative
4. Ability to organize, critically thinking, problem solving and provide leadership to all administrative and support staff”

Please submit your cover letter and resume to
– Clarify your visa status and expiry date
– Only accept your resume by email
– By Jan 14th Wed 6PM 2015



O programa de co-op (estudo + trabalho) ainda está disponível! Agora com autorização de trabalho off-campus e exigência de Inglês Intermediário-alto.


Trabalhando no Canadá

A partir de junho de 2014, a segunda grande mudança sob as novas regras do visto de estudo no Canadá é com relação às oportunidades de trabalho para alunos internacionais . Sob as novas regras, todos os estudantes internacionais com um visto de estudo canadense agora estarão automaticamente autorizados a trabalhar fora do campus por até 20 horas semanais durante a sessão acadêmica e, em tempo integral durante as pausas programadas, sem a necessidade de aplicar separadamente para uma permissão de trabalho . Read more


The cost of living in Canada

This is an essential question for anyone how is thinking to move to another country: How much money is going to cost me the expenses there, such as accommodation, food, transportation and some entertainment?

If you come as a student, the Government of Canada ask you for $833 per each month you are going to stay in Canada and you could even round it up to $1.000. Why is that?


First of all, let think about accommodation. If you are staying in a homestay, the price per month, including 3 meals, is from $780 and up. You don’t have to worry about buying food but surely, you will need a Monthly Pass to take the public transportation; the price for that is $91 and up, depending on the Zone that your homestay is located.

If you prefer to live in Downtown,  you could get a room in a share apartment for $500 approximately per month or, if you don’t want to share, rent a bachelor or studio for $1.000 approx. In this case, if you study or work in Downtown you can save the Monthly Pass fee but you care about buying food and paying electricity and internet.

Grocery & Restaurants

If you are a cooking lover, the average in expenses in the grocery shop per person and month is around $400. If you prefer to eat outside, this figure will decrease, but you have to add the bills from restaurants. Take into account that sometimes eat outside is as expensive (or cheap) than cooking at home.

How about activities?

Skiing, bowling, biking… A lot of fun which is not cheap in the most of the cases. Save some money for it!

Best city for living

Canada, specially Vancouver, is not a cheap place to live. The Worldwide cost of living index 2013 came out with a ranking where Vancouver is the 21st more expensive city internationally; more even than New York or Los Angeles. But, actually, is also one of the Top 5 most livable cities in the world. You can discover why coming with UvanU International and living your own experience.


Why should I choose Canada to Study a new Language?

To take the decision to study abroad is not an easy one. You can choose among a lot of beautiful countries and cities in the world to learn the language you want. For taking the decision many factors mater: quality of life and education, economy, future’s perspectives, etc. If Canada is in your list of favorites places to go, check this information out. Read more